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Iphone network

Build a Network

A strong network is one of the most valuable tools a college student (or anyone) can have. Studium provides unified community for students to connect with each other and build relationships that will serve them throughout their college career.

Maggie Lee The Ohio State University

“Starting new classes this semester, I already knew some of my classmates because of connections I formed on the app last semester!”

Iphone connect

Suggested Connections

We provide your students with thoughtful networking suggestions, making it easy to find their like-minded peers. Whether they’re pursuing the same major, taking the same courses, or happen to speak the same first-language, we bring people together who are likely to relate.

Daniel Chatani University of South Florida

“As an international student, it has been super helpful for meeting new classmates that speak the same language and even making some new friends!”

Iphone sessions

Studium Sessions

In this highly digital world, we believe in keeping face-to-face interaction alive. Studium Sessions encourage meetups where students can work together in person to further develop their communication and collaboration skills.

Michael Anthony-Wood The Ohio State University

“It was really nice being notified whenever classmates were studying for our exams. I’ve used it for all my exams this semester!”

Iphone messaging

Group + Direct Messaging

We make it easy for your students to communicate digitally with each other, taking every precaution to uphold all codes of conduct within our platform. Character counts are limited and image sharing is unavailable, thus eliminating the risk of answer-sharing among students.

Stavan Shah Georgia Institute of Technology

“The in-app messaging allowed my group and I to easily communicate throughout our entire project”


Solution engagement

Increase Student Engagement

The combination of our network features and study sessions will enhance your students’ peer relationships, making them more valuable and more meaningful. We connect students digitally while encouraging in-person collaboration. This will increase overall engagement as well as the potential to form solid relationships between students.

Solution diversity

Encourage Inclusion & Diversity

Campus diversity is growing at an exponential rate. Through our digital networking and Studium Sessions, we give all students equal opportunities to connect and collaborate with their peers. On average, 37% of participating students find peers with whom they can speak their first language, outside of English. Our suggested connections encourage the formation of a truly diverse network.

Solution retention

Improve Student Retention

A student’s sense of connection with their community is critical to their academic career. Early student departure often stems from a lack of resources or feelings of isolation. By unifying your campus community and creating more outreach opportunities, we minimize the potential for student attrition.

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